About UCFA

Utrecht Center for Food Allergy

The Utrecht Center for Food Allergy (UCFA) has been initiated in 2000 by TNO and the Utrecht University (University Medical Center Utrecht and Institute for Risk Assessment) with the intention to achieve a strategic alliance in order to enforce the research with respect to food allergy. The CFA has initiated a close collaboration between TNO, the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Institute for Risk Assessment, and the Utrecht Institute for Pharmacological Sciences. Several other research groups that focus on food allergy research take part in the quarterly UCFA meetings. These meetings provides a platform to exchange information about common research topics.


The aim of this collaboration is to:

  1. Further improve knowledge on the mechanism of food allergy.
  2. To improve tools to identify and/or predict allergenic proteinsm to develop new possibilities for diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis.
  3. To implement knowledge about allergen management for industries and regulatory authorities.


  • To obtain a leading position concerning various aspects of food allergy (existing and new food products) that are of importance for the food industry, the patient and the consumer;
  • To develop tools to advice the industry on food safety risks of existing and new (genetically modified) foods in relation to food allergy;
  • To develop tools to protect the patient against food allergy by means of developing and applying new diagnostics for assessment of food allergy, and new therapies for prevention and treatment of food allergy.
    In order to achieve this ambition the following points will be essential:

    • A broad collaboration with various (inter)national institutes/organizations
    • Eminent research to develop these tools (e.g. protein characterization, detection methods, predictive animal models, characteristics of proteins in respect to sensitization and clinical reactions)
    • Applying for additional financial support